Financial Well-Being,
For Everyone

We help individuals, families and companies develop a plan to achieve greater financial well-being.

Plan better. Live better.

We believe that personalized financial planning and a disciplined investment process should be accessible to everyone—because financial well-being is an important part of a thriving life, regardless of where you are in your financial journey. Having a trusted partner and a comprehensive financial plan can instill confidence, help you set and achieve goals, and put you on the path to the life you want to lead. With OpenPlan, we offer fixed-fee, conflict-free planning advice and ongoing, on-demand support for whatever life throws at you.

OpenPlan relationships are led by a team of CFP® professionals and supported by experts in all aspects of financial planning, including insurance, real estate, taxes, debt, estate planning, and more. Your (human!) advisor will work directly with you to create a foundational plan that’s tailored to your unique goals, values, and circumstances. They will proactively review your plan annually, and they are always available to help you navigate changes and make strategic and informed decisions in all aspects of your financial future. As your fiduciary, your best interest is our only priority, and our advice is always conflict-free.

While the foundational plan creates the map, managing your investments creates the fuel necessary to achieve your financial goals. OpenPlan offers professional investment management as an additional service. Our disciplined approach uses evidence-based research to take the guesswork out of portfolio construction and optimization. OpenPlan advisors build unique financial plans for each client to help you maximize the probability of achieving your long-term goals—while living the life you want in the meantime.

Everyone, regardless of their resources, deserves a financial plan that fits their lifestyle and values. If you have questions about your finances, concerns about retirement planning, or just want some added accountability to get you on the right track, OpenPlan gives you access to objective, holistic advice without the costs or commitments of traditional wealth management. Your financial health is a vital part of your overall well-being, and getting on a path to the life you want to live starts with the right partner and the right plan.